LEGO Worlds 1950’s Drive-in DLC Now Available

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Continuing the Brick Build Showcase Fabulous Fifties additions is the 1950’s Drive-in and with it comes some really fun discoverable objects including an animated Drive-in Screen. This brick build also sports some nifty Drive-in Lights that flicker on and off, I am really excited to use all the new objects in my own builds and can’t wait to see what others come up with as well. Below is a full break down of all the new discoverable objects included in the 1950’s Drive-In and a video showcasing the build as well.

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-in1950’s Drive-in

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in Screen

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in Speakers

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inSweet Counter

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in Window Green

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in Door

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in Lights

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inFamily Cinema Sign

LEGO Worlds 1950's Drive-inDrive-in With Car Sign

With this 3rd build added to the Brick Build Showcase that only leaves one more to round out the Fabulous Fifties theme. What do you think about this build and what do you hope to see as the next theme after the Fabulous Fifties? Let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media.

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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

Gerardo has been playing video games his entire life, in his 30's he now shares the joys of playing with his 3 young children. Gerardo is a huge fan of Lego and games that encourage creativity, with that being said his new favorite game of all time is LEGO WORLDS. When not writing or creating content Gerardo spends his time playing retro video games and sharing the classics with his kids.