LEGO Worlds 200 Gold Brick Reward Discovered!

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If you’ve played LEGO Worlds you already know how difficult it is to collect Gold Bricks. At first they are everywhere, in almost every chest, most mission rewards and even Troublemakers carry them around… As you continue collect upwards of 100 Gold Bricks it can almost feels like they dry up and become impossible to find. Believe it or not, as LEGO Worlds currently sits you can actually collect a total of 200 Gold Bricks, and if you work hard and get there you get a pretty cool reward!


Friend of the site PackAttack04082 has finally managed to collect 200 Gold Bricks in game (after starting a second save and carefully tracking every Gold Brick) and unlocked the Test Rocket, a new flyable vehicle that costs 75,00 studs. What is the Test Rocket you might ask? Well it’s the main vehicle you use for transportation more than any other in LEGO Worlds… The PUG-Z!


Thats right, collect 200 Gold Bricks and you will now be able to fly around in the bright orange PUG-Z (renamed the Test Rocket in the selection menu). The vehicle doesn’t have any specifically special functions beyond the just flying around, but it is still a fun little treat for the gamers out there that work very hard to 100% the games they love.

Check out a quick gallery of the vehicle in game!

Have you unlocked 200 Gold Bricks yet? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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