LEGO Worlds 2nd Update Patch Notes

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The new Classic Space DLC is bringing a host of new features, bug fixes, items and even secret codes (more on those soon) and the fine team behind the game shared all the info in a set of patch notes today on the STEAM forums. Scroll down to read some of the highlighted changes and fixes!


Check out the full list below and let us know in the comments what you find or experience with the latest update!

– Drop-in and Drop-out delay issues resolved.
– Fixed issue where custom worlds occasionally have no life.
– Improved Landscape Tool Performance.
– Undo/Redo no longer re-draws invisible collision where doors and windows once stood.
– Improved ability to move and delete within Free-Build.
– Manually placed buildings fixtures will now remove correctly using Undo.
– Musical Instruments now play correctly online (players can hear all instruments).
– Able to undo/redo all placed brick builds.
– Fixed missing VFX for Online Game host.
– Online performance improvements on all formats.
– The Skateboard is now back and correctly functions.
– Shadows improved on lower quality PC settings.
– XBO – No longer required to select language on boot.
– XBO – Instances of not being taken to online game despite accepting invite fixed.
– PC – Players now able to join another online game without needing to manually exit current one.
– Troublemaker spawn logic updated.
– Quest fixes – Some Characters or Creatures Quests requiring player to return later are now fixed. Some that appeared empty are fixed. Quest Zones less likely to move underground.
– Agents Content added to XB1 and PC.
– Improved SaveData slot speeds. Prevents potential data loss.
– Fixed issue with Audio continuing to play after Brick and Brick Build placement.
– Improved Terrain Draw speeds and Dungeon Draw Speeds.
– Fixed online issue where Client would freeze at 98% loading.
– Multiple Localisation fixes: Button overlap. Icon Missing. Text overflow. Grammar and Spelling.
– Multiple UI updates to Galaxy Map.
– Brick Build Showcase content refreshed for new themes
– Turrets will now remain in correct places when placing custom Brick Builds.
– Landscape tool no longer moves placed props along Y-Axis when adding Terrain.
– PC – Tools Cursors can be set to same size on Controller as Mouse & Keyboard
– Chests no longer on edge of the world facing out to the void.
– Fixed instances where newly discovered props sometimes have no clear price in the menus.
– PC – Mouse cursor is now hidden when using Controller on Player 1
– PC – Can now move the Copy Tool bounding box up and down with Keyboard
– Fixed instances where Quest chains would not spawn if you already owned certain reward items.
– The 1×2 Grill Brick now has the correct numbers of Grills!
– The 1×4 Sliding Piece now has the correct top!
– The 4×4 Round Brick has correct studs!
– The 2×6 Brick with Bow underside texture corrected!
– The 2×2 Grooved Brick has underside texture corrected!
– PC – Now able to join Online games whilst using Steam Big Picture mode.
– Showcase items not correctly saving now fixed.
– Added ability to quickly return to Pug-Z.
– Updated Master Builder Rank Badges.

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