LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple Acrh DLC Now Available

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The second in a line of ancient themed brick builds has just been discovered inside the Brick Build Showcase, we took the time to study this incredible find and break it down! The Ancient Triple Arch is a beautiful looking build and would make itself at home inside of a museum. This build does not bring much new to the table in the form of discoverable objects but it does bring with it a new playable character for you to discover. The Roman Commander character can be discovered and playable after a quick quest in which you must dispatch a wave of skeleton enemies.

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple ArchAncient Triple Arch 

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple ArchMarble Vase, Terracotta Urn, Marble Urn

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple ArchTerracotta Vase

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple ArchStone Lounger

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple ArchRoman Commander (Discoverable after defeating a wave of Skeleton enemies)

LEGO Worlds Ancient Triple Arch

This ancient looking build might look like it will last forever but it’s only available for a limited time inside the Brick Build Showcase so make sure you get yours before it’s history! Just like the Ancient Temple build that is currently available The Ancient Triple Arch is available now until January 3rd inside LEGO Worlds. You can check out the Ancient Temple build here and as always let us know in the comments below or over on social media what you think about this build.

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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

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