LEGO Worlds Arcade Cabinet DLC Now Available!

In honor of National Video Game Day, LEGO Worlds has released a giant model of an arcade cabinet.  The cabinet is dubbed Showcase Model 96 and is very detailed.  The cabinet contains four floors of gaming goodness.  Each side of the cabinet has a design featuring the PUG-Z.

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The front of the cabinet contains standard arcade controls.

Arcade Cabinet Joysticks

The cabinet contains four floors of gaming goodness with a dozen arcade cabinets plus several specialty games.  You may recognize cabinets inspired by games like Outrun 2 and Dance Dance Revolution.  There is also an air hockey table and a pinball machine.  Here is a floor by floor tour of the inside of the Arcade Cabinet.

First Floor:

firstfloor_left firstfloor_right firstfloor_under_stairs

Second Floor:

secondfloor_left secondfloor_right

Third Floor:

thirdfloor_left thirdfloor_understairs

Fourth Floor


Break down:

To help showcase the detail and variety of the gaming nostalgia, here they are out of the confines of the brick build showcase.games_2games_3games_1 games_dance games_astro

Video Tour:

The LEGO Worlds Twitter account sent out a nice video showcasing this magnificent build.


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What do you think of this build? Make sure to download it from the Brick Build Showcase inside LEGO Worlds before it’s gone and as always let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!


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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.