It’s a Celebration! LEGO Worlds DLC Now Available!

This month is going to be a celebration of LEGO Worlds.  The first two Brick Build Showcases of the month feature a large recreation of the LEGO Worlds logo and a giant statue of a badger with several of the building tools.  Badger was a code name for the game before it was officially released.

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The CELEBRATION monument is the same on both sides but the center is home to this cool tunnel.


Badgers, we don’t need no stinking badgers!

The next Brick Build Showcase model features a giant badger.


This giant badger is surrounded by giant replicas of four of the building tools used to create amazing worlds.

lego_worlds_celebration_badger_brick_copy_2 lego_worlds_celebration_badger_paint_object


The badger is sitting on top of a secret room which contains nine different tables with mini versions of available biomes.

lego_worlds_celebration_badger_secretroom_left lego_worlds_celebration_badger_secretroom_right

Each of the corners features cool geometric stair cases.


If you haven’t unlocked the badger already, this is your chance.   You can even take it for a ride.


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What do you think of these build? Make sure to download it from the Brick Build Showcase inside LEGO Worlds before it’s gone and as always let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.