LEGO Worlds Classic Space DLC Object Discovery Guide

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The Classic Space DLC Pack has a plethora of new objects and Brick Builds to discover. You can use all these great new objects to build the perfect moon base in LEGO Worlds.

Brick Builds:

A majority of the builds in the Classic Space category are unlocked by simply exploring the planet. With the exception of the Communication Station, all of the builds are found in treasure chests.  Explore the entire planet, including caves.


Brick Builds:

  • Alpha-1 Rocket Base
  • Communication Station
  • Large Flag
  • Command Centre
  • Moon Base
  • Beta-1 Command Base
  • Mineral Detector Base
  • Space Scooter Base

To unlock the Communication Station, you need to complete a mission for the Astronaut in the White Suit.  The Astronaut is standing next to a building that has been destroyed by meteors.  Use the brick gun to fix the building.  Your reward will be the Communication Station which is needed for two other missions.

Exploration tips:

  1. When Exploring the whole surface looking for treasure chests, search in a grid pattern.  Start at one corner and move straight across to the other side.  It might help to use the painting gun to paint arrows indicating which areas you have already searched and the direction you travelled.
  2. Can’t remember what caves you have already explored?  Before entering a cave, use the paint gun to spray paint near the entrance so it stands out.
  3. Not all cave entrances are on the surface.  Climb (or fly) around the sides of the planet to find more hidden entrances and treasure chests.  Many weapons and even the occasional brick build can be found in the cave systems.

Discoverable Objects:

There are a lot of space themed objects to discover around the planet.  They generally fall nicely into a small number of categories.

Space Signs


  • Space Sign 1
  • Space Sign 2
  • Space Sign 3
  • Space Arrow Sign

Space Lights and Space Flag

Space Lights and Space Flag (left to right):

  • Space Flood Light
  • Space Ceiling Light
  • Space Flag
  • Space Wall Light
  • Red Landing Pad Light
  • Green Landing Pad Light

Space Computers


  • Space Computer
  • Space Computer Window
  • Space Computer Console 1
  • Space Computer Console 2
  • Space Computer Screen 1
  • Space Computer Screen 2

Space Furniture

Furniture (left to right):

  • Space Commander Chair
  • Yellow Space Chair
  • Space Table
  • Space Lounger (not shown)

Space Communication

Communications (left to right):

  • Space Communication Dish
  • Large Space Radar Dish
  • Small Space Dish
  • Small Space Aerial
  • Large Space Aerial

Space Equipment

Equipment (left to right):

  • Space Rocket
  • Space Barrel
  • Space Fuel Pump
  • Space Generator
  • Space Solar Panel
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Toolbox Wrench – not shown

Classic Space Food

Food (left to right):

  • Doughnut Box
  • Wheat
  • Corn

Moon Crystals

Moon Crystals (left to right):

  • Green Moon Crystal
  • White Moon Crystal
  • Yellow Moon Crystal
  • Blue Moon crystal


  • Sloped Space Window

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Written by: Paul Haan

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