LEGO Worlds Dragon Unlock Guide

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Of the many creatures in the LEGO Worlds game there is one that is the biggest, coolest and strongest: the Dragon. While many of you may have easily found the Golden Dragon resting in the clouds on a world you randomly spawned, there are actually a total of SEVEN Dragons you can hunt and discover in the game. Here is a short guide on how to find all seven Dragons and add them to your in game collection.

Special thanks to PackAttack04082 for helping lay out the ground work for this guide, check out his videos below for more information!

LEGO Worlds Dragon Unlock Guide


After you take the time to unlock the Dragon Wizard, no easy feat, you will have completed the ground work required to unlock all seven Dragons. Once you’ve discovered the Dragon Wizard and added him to your collection, he will begin to spawn in the Volcanic Biomes.


To begin collecting the Dragons you will need to get your hands on a Crystal Scimitar. The only way to do this is to find a quest giving Dragon Wizard on a Volcanic Biome who is holding the Crystal Scimitar (we’d suggest reloading a fresh biome after you’ve collected the Dragon Wizard). Finding this Dragon Wizard isn’t too tricky because he is hanging out on a large lava and crystal throne waiting to perform a trade.

The items he wants are certainly an interesting combo, hand them over and you will get your very own Crystal Scimitar. There are then several follow up quests you’ll need to complete to help the Dragon Wizard summon Dragons. He will ask you to place Red Snakes & Red Frogs, paint a large area with lava, and finally lay some dance mats and flaming torches. His final request after exhausting all options to summon the Fire Dragon is a request for a large yellow Cupcake. Build the giant cupcake and you will have completed all the steps to get Dragons to start appearing in the worlds.


Now as you begin exploring the biomes listed below you will encounter these large colorful Dragons ready to be collected. To collect them is pretty easy, you will just have to battle them (easily done at a distance with the Dragon Wizard’s ranged attack) and once they are defeated feed them a snack (a drumstick). Warning, the Dragons are not cheap to unlock so you might want to start saving your studs!


Snow Dragon – Polar Plains
Water Dragon – Ocean Biomes
Night Dragon – Ornamental Orchard (Nighttime Only)
Fire Dragon – Wicked Wasteland
Forest Dragon – Fantasy Forest
Candy Dragon – Dessert Desert
Golden Dragon – Perilous Peaks *You can unlock this Dragon without the Crystal Scimitar*

LEGO Worlds Dragon Unlock Guide Video

Here’s a quick video guide from PackAttack04082 where he shows how to find and collect the Dragons using the Dragon Wizard quest line!

How To Unlock Dragons

Where to Find All Seven Dragons

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