LEGO Worlds Egyptian Bath House DLC Now Available!

LEGO Worlds is cleaning up their act with another Brick Build Showcase.  Download the Egyptian Bath House known as the Showcase Model 97 before it is removed from the showcase.

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Egyptian Bath House Model

 Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Cascading Waterfalls

On of the stand out features on this build is a series of waterfalls that appear to be flowing into various pools of water.  The key to the appearance of running water is genius and very simple. Here are the step by step instructions to get you started on your very own waterfall.

First, lay down a layer of transparent blue bricks that will represent the surface of your pool.  You can also build a column for the waterfall.


Next, place a Water Nozzle directly below the waterfall.

The last step is to use the Replace on the Landscape Tool.  Set the color to one of the water colors.  Then you select the color you want to replace.

Select transparent blue blocks to replace

Once the transparent blue is selected, expand the replace tool to be as large as you need.  Hit the “Replace” button (A on Switch) to change solid bricks to liquid.

replace with water

The final result is you can stand in your newly create pool and the water will appear to splash.


Video Tutorial:

Video Tour:

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What do you think of this build? Make sure to download it from the Brick Build Showcase inside LEGO Worlds before it’s gone and as always let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!

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