LEGO Worlds Legendary Brick Coordinates

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Get all those gold bricks and become a Master Builder in LEGO Worlds yet? That’s great but your far from done in this game! Now it’s time to start hunting LEGENDARY BRICKS! Here is a quick guide on how to find the Legendary bricks on your own!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a master list of Legendary Bricks Coordinates & a quick video guide!

LEGO Worlds Legendary Brick Guide

You may have noticed that during your quests through the various worlds you would occasionally pull what were called “Legendary Coordinate Piece” from chests found hidden away across the land. These Legendary Coordinate Pieces are one of four, that require a bit of work decipher!


Once you have four of the same coordinate (you can tell because they each have a unique color scheme and are grouped together in your collection window), you will need to place them on the ground lined up perfectly into a larger square.


Flatten the bricks like you learned in the early tutorials, and if need be use the paint tool to darken and complete the middle section of some of the patterns.


You’ll notice that these Legendary Coordinate Pieces will make a QR code. Once it’s flat, colored in and ready to go, use your phone and scan the code to get a coordinate to put into your galaxy map.


The coordinate isn’t only a code for a world, it’s also the map coordinate you’ll need to locate using the X / Y / Z coordinates on the world map. Once you make it to the coordinates you unlocked you’ll find a HUGE gold brick! Unlock the chest next to it to collect the Legendary Brick!


LEGO Worlds Legendary Bricks Video Guide

Here’s a guide thanks to Youtuber: viaene96 which walks you through the entire process! Scroll down for the list of Legendary Brick coordinates currently found and if you have more feel free to leave it in the comments and we will add it to the list!

LEGO Worlds Legendary Brick Coodinates

1×1 Brick:x42y42z42

1×2 Brick: x-155y26z-235

2×2 Brick: x-244y30z-244

2×3 Brick: x13y33z31

2×4 Brick: x100y75z225

1×2 Slope Brick: x-15y16z17

1×3 Slope Brick: x191y30z-99

1×4 Slope Brick: x77y27z-77

2×2 Slope Brick:x127y12z-69

2×3 Slope Brick: x79y74z89

2×4 Slope Brick: x105y65z-105

1x2x3 Slope Brick: x12y34z56

2x2x3 Slope Brick: x-201y36z-21

2×2 Corner Brick: x0y13z123

3×3 Corner Brick: x182y13z0

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