LEGO Worlds Minotaur Unlock Guide

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LEGO Worlds is packed with a ton of characters for you to find and unlock! We’ve taken the time to list out every character found in the game files currently and while some of them are easy to find roaming around random worlds, others require you to take some extra time and complete some missions.

Here’s a quick guide on how to Unlock the Minotaur in LEGO World!

LEGO Worlds Minotaur Unlock Guide


  • Curious Canyon & Whispering Woodland biome.
  • Red potion (may need for short intro quest)
  • Outpost building instructions
  • Diamond collectible (clear jewel)


Head to a world with a “Curious Canyon” biome. You can tell it’s a Curious Canyon biome by the HUGE wonky pillars and desert / grassy area. If you have over 100 gold bricks you can use the world creator to make this world.


Once you get to the Curious Canyon start searching for the Heroic Knight character, you will hopefully find him by a large open pit in the ground.



Interact with the Knight and complete his tasks until he asks you for help rescuing a man from the bottom of the pit you’re standing next to. Rescue the random dude and then go onto the next mission.


Build an Outpost for the knight to complete the mission (you may need to go find these build instructions from some chests.)


After you’ve built him an outpost he will have another mission where he requires a diamond or “clear jewel” to sharpen a golden blade that will help you defeat the Minotaur. Hand over the jewel and collect the golden Battle Sword!


Next you’ll need to find a dungeon! Head the Whispering Woodland and find the giant castle dungeon area and head in to starting hunting! (You can cheat and just cut a hole in the ground and jump into the dungeon midway.)


Use the Battle Sword to take down the Minotaur and then quickly discover him while he is knocked out! He’s only 1,250 studs to unlock and he’s then yours to play with when ever you want!


LEGO Worlds Minotaur Unlock Video

Thanks to our buddy JayShockBlast for making a great featured video on how to find the Minotaur! You can watch it here!

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