LEGO Worlds Ninjago City DLC Now Available!

November came and went like a ninja in LEGO Worlds.  The theme for the month was Ninjago City and there were six builds allowing you to create a complete block of Ninjago City directly from the movie.

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The month started with a sign to welcome you Ninjago City.


The next four builds fit together perfectly to form a large city block straight out of the LEGO Ninjago Movie.

ninjago_city_107 ninjago_city_108 ninjago_city_109 ninjago_city_110

Lining up and positioning the four builds was a little more difficult than anticipated due to limitations of the camera.  Once stitched together, they form a  large city scape with great details.


ninjago_city__2 ninjago_city__3 ninjago_city__4 ninjago_city__5 ninjago_city__6 ninjago_city__7 ninjago_city_1

ninjago_city_robotel ninjago_city_robotel_radio ninjago_city_red_text ninjago_city_radiotower ninjago_city_pythor ninjago_city_bridge


Music studio/radio station:

Bowling Alley:

November rounded out with a fishy build.


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There is so much to see in Ninjago City we couldn’t possibly fit it all on one page.  Although we gave it the old college try!

Check out JayShockBlast’s video on all Ninjago content available in LEGO Worlds.

What do you think of these builds? Make sure to download them from the Brick Build Showcase inside LEGO Worlds before they are gone. As always let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.