LEGO Worlds Palace Theater Sand Box Build

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The addition of the Fabulous Fifties DLC builds to LEGO Worlds have brought a plethora of new objects and decorations to the game. Decorations and objects that can be used to create or recreate some impressive and unique builds of your own! With this in mind I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite LEGO Creator sets, the Palace Theatre. Now of course there are quite a few brick and technical limitations to the game but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to recreate a favorite build or to try something completely new. You can check out a quick tour of my “PLACE” THEATER in the images and video below.

LEGO Palace Theater   The exterior of the theater takes advantage of the 1950’s light fixtures from the Drive-in as well as the wall décor from the Diner.

LEGO Palace Theater The exterior also uses the Flood Lights from the Space DLC as a nice replacement to the flood lights found in the real life LEGO set.

LEGO Palace Theater The theater is complete with two box offices and a single door entrance, unlike the double door entrance of the real life set.

LEGO Palace Theater Once inside, the lobby is complete with a snack bar with all the sweets and salty popcorn you could want!

LEGO Palace Theater Just above the lobby on the second floor is the screening room. The projector here is replaced with the Television Camera.

LEGO Palace Theater Although I would have loved to have used the Movie Screen from the 1950’s Drive-in set, it proved to be too large for this particular build.

LEGO Palace Theater Just above the screening room is the roof which can be accessed from the roof hatch.

LEGO Palace Theater What do you think of this build? What would you like to see us tackle next? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

Gerardo has been playing video games his entire life, in his 30's he now shares the joys of playing with his 3 young children. Gerardo is a huge fan of Lego and games that encourage creativity, with that being said his new favorite game of all time is LEGO WORLDS. When not writing or creating content Gerardo spends his time playing retro video games and sharing the classics with his kids.