LEGO Worlds Roman Camp DLC Recap

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The final DLC Brick Build of this month’s Ancient Times theme is here… the Roman Camp! While there isn’t much in terms of unique pieces of characters, it’s still a pretty awesome build! Lets check it out below!

This mighty embattlement is a testament to the legendary Roman Legions, complete with awesome tents, new weapon racks, some cool new camp accents like stools, baskets and more! Plus keep a look look out from high above in the tall wooden tower.

Check out everything in this new DLC below:

LEGO Worlds Roman Camp DLC

Roman Camp New Character Unlocks

  • Roman Solider
    • Complete his quest of placing five banners (found at entrance) to prevent civilians from wandering in!

LEGO Worlds Roman Camp DLC

Roman Camp New Object Unlocks

  • Roman Weapons Rack
  • Roman Tent
  • Roman Banner
  • Roman Bench
  • Roman Stool
  • Roman Campfire
  • Bread Basket
  • Vegetable Basket
  • Herb Crate
  • Herb Bucket
  • Steak Box
  • Turkey Roast

Make sure you sneak into the camp’s tent to snag that awesome bonus stud treasure!

LEGO Worlds Roman Camp DLC

Gear up for battle at the weapons rack!
LEGO Worlds - Roman weapons Rack

What better way to celebrate not dying in battle than with a bonfire and lots of food?LEGO Worlds Roman Camp Dining

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