LEGO Worlds Secret Micro LA Map From E3 2017

With this year’s E3 now upon us, we thought it suitable to look back at an easter egg from E3 2017 in that has made its way into LEGO Worlds, and how you can access it in-game!

During E3 2017, you may recall that the LEGO Worlds team unveiled an incredible microscale model of Los Angeles, California, created by TT Games Community Manager Bear Parker. At the time, Bear suggested that the team would be looking into including the map in a future title update, but no official announcements about the future of the map were made following the June 2017 event.

Despite the lack of official news regarding the future of the map, it was quietly added to the game in late 2017, and is now accessible to all players on all platforms through the use of a special set of galactic coordinates on the galaxy menu!

LEGO Worlds Micro LA World Creation Guide


Step 1: Setting Galactic Coordinates and Zone

Once you’re the game’s main galaxy menu, toggle the menu by clicking on or navigating to the orange “PUG-Z” rocketship in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. From here, choose the “Locate a World” button and, in the “Set Galactic Coordinate & Zone” window, enter “MICROLA” as the Galactic Coordinates and “F” as the Zone.


Step 2: Loading & Playing

Once you’ve set the Galactic Coordinate and Zone, click the checkmark, and navigate to the newly created world. After selecting this world, prepare for a prolonged loading screen, a result of the large size of the microscale LA. model. Once the loading is done, you should find your rocket landing in the middle of Micro LA!




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Written by: ProfessorBrickkeeper