LEGO Worlds Spooky PUG-Z Unlock Guide

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After a lot of hunting and a bit of help from some friends online we finally figured out how to unlock the super awesome Spooky PUG-Z in the new Monsters DLC for LEGO Worlds. If you didn’t know, in both of the released DLC for LEGO Worlds you can unlock a special variant of the PUG-Z to use as a vehicle in the game. It’s not exactly advertised but is a great bonus reward to dedicated fans of the game for their hard work.


The Monsters DLC features the Spooky PUG-Z (a purple brick variant seen above) and the Space DLC has a Space Rocket PUG-Z (a blue brick variant seen below). They are SUPER awesome!

lego worlds pug-z unlock

Spooky PUG-Z & Space Rocket Unlock Guide

These hidden PUG-Z vehicles can be earned relatively easily but will take some patience. In order to unlock them you will need to complete EVERY mission in the DLC worlds. Thats every random quest asking for an ice cream, paint job, brick build, escort, ect… any character with a white bubble over their head needs to have their quest completed in order for you to get access to the variant vehicles.

It may take some time (and a whole lot of patience) to hunt down every mission in these worlds, but once you do the reward is pretty awesome!

lego worlds pug-z unlock

These PUG-Z variants serve as in game vehicles and don’t affect or change your main orange PUG-Z you use to travel around space with. You can purchase the newly unlocked vehicles for 150,000 studs each.

Check out JayShockBlast’s video on the cool new unlock here:

Let us know if you unlocked these vehicles in the comments below!

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