LEGO Worlds SuperFlat World Creation Guide For PC

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Since launch, one of the most requested features in LEGO Worlds has been the ability to create a “SuperFlat” world, devoid of any of the game’s natural landforms. For those playing LEGO Worlds on PC, however, it’s already a possibility.

With some simple manipulation of the game’s world save files, PC players can easily convert a new custom world into a totally barren world, save for some shallow ocean!

Note: This has currently only been tested on PC following Title Update 2, and has not been tested with other platforms and versions of the game.

LEGO Worlds SuperFlat World Creation Guide

Step 1: Creating a Custom World


The process of creating a flat world starts off much like any other custom world. From the game’s galaxy menu, you should navigate to the “Create New Custom World” button, and select the desired size, biome, and spawns for your world. From here, you should enter your world, before exiting the game.

Step 2: Accessing the World Save Data

On PC, you can get to your save data by opening File Explorer, typing “%AppData%\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGOWorlds\SAVEDGAMES\CONTENT” into the path bar, or typing the root “%AppData%” in and then navigating from there.


Once in the “CONTENT” folder, sort its contents by date modified, and navigate to the newest folder. Inside there, you will see a number of folder with names such as “BIO”, “CFG”, and “CNK”.
IMPORTANT: Remember to back-up your world before making any changes to files associated with it, and not to mess with the files for older worlds or worlds you have built in.

Step 3: Making the Changes

Once in the folder which contains save data pertaining to your custom world, navigate to the “CNK” folder, and delete its contents.

Now, return to the parent folder, and navigate to the “BIO” folder. Inside here, you should find a file called “CUSTOMBG.TXT”. This is the actual file which defines what biomes a custom world uses. Open “CUSTOMBG.TXT” in a text editor, and delete all it’s contents. Then copy and paste the following into the document:

Version 0
//custom biome group for this world
 Type = "SuperFlat"

Save the file, and exit out of it.

Step 4: Loading Your SuperFlat World

Once you have followed all previous steps, restart LEGO Worlds, navigate to the custom world you created, and enter. You should now find yourself landing on a little piece of terrain, surrounded by a flat world and shallow ocean so far as the eye can see!

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Written by: ProfessorBrickkeeper