LEGO Worlds Teen Titans Tower Sandbox Build

When there’s trouble, you know who to call.  From their tower they can see it all.  Now you can see their tower in this recreation of Teen Titans Tower from the Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go.  My son and I really enjoy that show and we enjoyed building the tower in LEGO Worlds.  Admittedly, I probably took over a little more than I should have.

While looking for images to base the rooms on, I came across a great blog post about Teen Titans Go Set Design.  Be sure to check it out to see what we used for inspiration.

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Let’s take a section by section tour of Titan Tower, starting with the outside.


Titan Tower sits on an island in Jump City.  The outside has a small patio for grilling and relaxing in either lounge chairs or the hot tub.  There is also a small playground and a terrace on the edge of the island.

Teen Titans Go Playground Teen Titans Go Grill Teen Titans Go Terrace

Laundry Room

The laundry room isn’t seen very often in the show but based on the windows and the fact that Raven is standing outside, it was placed on the ground floor.  Here you can see the washer and dryer (ok two washers as there is no dryer).  The shelf is stacked with towels, wash clothes and soap.

Teen Titans Tower Laundry Room

Cyborgs Workshop

Cyborg needs a place to tinker on the T-Car and all his other projects.  The workshop is in the basement and can be accessed through the elevator (well, really a shaft with a ladder).

The work shop has a drill press and some shelves and cabinets in one corner.

Titans Tower Cyborg's Workshop

Next to the drill press, there is a tool chest along with an engine hoist and a car lift for working on the T-Car.

Titans Tower Cyborg's Workshop

The T-Car (choices were limited) sits on the other side with some tool boxes and an overhead door,

Titans Tower Cyborg's Workshop

Stairs (instead of an elevator)

The exterior doors and the “elevator” doors all use the sliding dojo doors.  We reversed the door so the dragon is on the inside.  The inside of the elevator shaft is lined with a ladder that takes you up the the living space.  If you go all the way up, it takes you to the training area.

Titans Tower Elevator DoorTitans Tower Elevator Shaft

Living Room

Step out of the elevator on the left and you will walk straight into the living room.  It is complete with the huge pink curved couch, the command console and the entertainment center.

Titans Tower Living Room Titans Tower Living Room


The door on the right side of the living room leads to the spacious kitchen.  My son built the kitchen table, stools and cabinets while I added the finishing touches like the mosaic wall behind the stove, pictures and other decorations.

Teen Titans Tower Kitchen Table Teen Titans Tower Kitchen Table Teen Titans Tower Kitchen Teen Titans Tower Kitchen

Hazard Room

On the left side of the living room is the door to the “Hazard Room.”  I think I matched it pretty well to the pictures from the set design article. This room is weird…that is all!

Teen Titans Tower Kitchen Hazard Room Teen Titans Tower Kitchen Hazard Room


The elevator opens on both sides in the living area.  If you view the elevator from the living room side, you will see the plants on either side of the shaft.

Teen Titans Tower Living Room Elevator and plants

The other side exits straight into the hall with the bedrooms and bathroom.  You will see several rolls of toilet paper outside the bathroom and a stack of newspapers by Raven’s room.

Teen Titans Tower Bedroom Hallway


The bathroom has a custom mirror and vanity, a toilet and a bathtub with mosaic wall tile.

Teen Titans Tower Bathroom Mirror Teen Titans Tower Shower Tiles Teen Titans Tower Bathroom

Raven’s Room

Raven’s room is all dark and brooding.  I used the monster bed because there was no room for the four-poster. The wall is decorated with candles, spooky art and the wandering eyeball.

Teen Titans Tower Raven's Room

The corner near the door contains the cages for her dark creatures.

Teen Titans Tower Raven's Room

Beast Boy’s Room

Beast Boys Room has an old school TV along with a box to sleep in, a scratching post and a big ball of yarn.  The focal point is the grassy wall mural.

The wall mural was achieve by building the wall out of 1x6x5 blocks.  Once they were built, i changed to a 1×1 plate and placed ONE randomly inside each of the larger blocks.  This changed the entire wall to 1×1 plates.  Then, paint the wall with one of the grass color schemes and you are good to go.

Teen Titans Tower Beast Boy's Room Teen Titans Tower Beast Boy's Room

Note:  This was created before the wall builder was added to the brick placement tool.  Now you can build a 1×1 plate wall much faster without the trickery.

Robin’s Room

The “leader” of the Teen Titans sleeps directly across the hall from Beast Boy. His room has a bed with a lamp next to it, a punching bag and a computer.

Teen Titans Tower Robin's Room Teen Titans Tower Robin's Room Teen Titans Tower Robin's Room

Cyborg’s Room

Cyborg’s room is at the end of the hallway next to Beast Boy’s room.  The most prominent feature in his room is the recharging station.  He has a few tools out and a cabinet in the corner.

Teen Titans Tower Cyborg's Charging Station Teen Titans Tower Cyborg's Room Teen Titans Tower Cyborg's Room

Starfire’s Room

The final bedroom on the tour belongs to Starfire.  She has a round bed along with a vanity for make up and a dresser with a crazy plant.

Teen Titans Tower Starfire's Room Teen Titans Tower Starfire's Room

I made a custom light for her room but it doesn’t really resemble the disco ball that is needed.

Teen Titans Tower Starfire's Light

Training Facility

Head up to the next floor to check out the Titan’s Training area.  They do have a few episodes in these area but since I couldn’t build moving walls and lasers, it is pretty much a giant death trap of fire, spikes and saw blades.

Be prepared to die…a lot.  Seriously, I am not sure I have made it through successfully even once!

Teen Titans Tower Training Area Warning Signs

Looks like you didn’t heed my warning!  Be prepared to die!

If you successfully make it through, you can access a hallway that will lead you to the roof.  If you are unsuccessful, skydive.  I did a lot of skydiving!

The Roof

The final stop on the tour is the roof and it has been featured in many episodes.  Unlike the show, I used a flat roof door to get in and out of the tower.  The edges are hidden behind the sloped bricks.

Teen Titans Tower Roof Door

The rest of the roof has a lot of heating and cooling equipment plus plenty of communications gear.

Teen Titans Tower Roof Teen Titans Tower Roof Teen Titans Tower Roof Teen Titans Tower Roof

Video Tour

What do you think about our sandbox build? Have you been inspired by any non-LEGO properties? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.