Ultrakatty comes to LEGO Worlds

LEGO Movie 2 is just over a week away (Feb. 8th) and to promote the film McDonalds is releasing a full line of Happy Meal toys! But these toys also contain a LEGO Gaming surprise… a secret code for LEGO Worlds which unlocks a fun new vehicle in game with the most recent game patch!

The new LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s happy meal toys are slowly starting to appear in restaurants this week. The toys are simple character minifigure head keychains that open up to reveal a fun mini game inside. Check them out here:

Included in the packaging for the toys is coupon for LEGOLand (typical free admission for kids with an adult ticket) but on the back of the coupon is this:

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Secret Code

Shared by Angelica Pickles – World of LEGO Worlds Facebook Group

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Ultrakatty CodeUltrakatty Code LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The code will only work once you’ve updated your game with the most recent patch, but once you do that, you will have the ability to unlock a new awesome vehicle in game.

Just enter the code H29V4E on the main screen menu to unlock, then enter the game to collect!

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Ultrakatty lego movie 2 video game


Gameplay Video

Here is a vide of UltraKatty in action, thanks to friend of the site JayShockBlast!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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