LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland Vehicle Unlock Guide

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The new LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland has two great new vehicles for you to discover and explore with!

We’re sure more vehicles are coming with the new featured seasonal Brick Build Showcases, so stay tuned for more great fun!

Santa Sleigh – 100,000 Studs


Tag along in Santa’s very own sleigh driven by two festive reindeer, packed with toys for all the good boys and girls! As you take to the sky you’ll be followed by a magical trail of golden dust.

Toy Plane – 50,000 Studs

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland DLC

This super adorable colorful toy airplane can’t wait to be played with, so hopefully you’ve been good and it will be waiting for you under the tree to fly around!

More Seasonal Vehicles Coming soon!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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