LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Walkthrough! Level Guides, Secret Codes & More!

When strange aliens invade the ruins of Apocalypseburg and kidnap everyone Emmett loves, it’s up to him… and you, to save the day! The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game takes you across the Systar System to save your friends, and the universe as you know it!

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Table Of Contents

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the lego movie 2 video game walkthrough

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Walkthrough

Below you will find guides to every level in LEGO Movie 2 Video Game, with helpful hints on thing like boss fights. Each guide will also provide you with a full list of collectibles including:

Main Story Level Guides

The main story “levels” take you through a majority of the open worlds. These guides will only cover the main story quest through the open worlds. For the full open world guides, check below.

the lego movie 2 video game walkthrough guide secrets

Systar System World Guides

the lego movie 2 video game walkthrough guide secrets

Rex-Plorer System World Guides

Galactic Outskirts – DLC Worlds

The Galactic Outskirts feature three bonus areas that will be available at a later date for FREE!

Check back soon!

  • Dis-Harmony City
  • The Queen’s Palace
  • The Rexcelsior


Character & Vehicle Unlock Guide

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game s is PACKED with over 200 of playable characters, vehicles and more! To unlock them all you’re probably going to need help!

Character Cheat Code Guide

Enter cheat codes from the pause menu to unlock bonus relics and studs!

Achievement / Trophy List

Check out our full list of the game’s achievements and trophies to help you work towards Platinum!


Secret Codes & Red Relic Guides

Unlock Codes

Every LEGO game has a handful of secret codes you can use to unlock various characters, bonus studs, and gameplay modes. Click below to check out all the secret codes for The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game!

Find all the unlock codes HERE!

Red Super Item Relics

On your hunt for Relics, keep an eye out for Red Relics that unlock Red items to make your gameplay more fun… or more weird!

Find a full list of the Super Items & Parts HERE!


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