LEGO Worlds Walkthrough, Secrets and More!

LEGO Worlds is an ever growing, always expanding sandbox building experience.  The possibilities for building are nearly limitless.  This will serve as a one stop shop for all your LEGO Worlds needs.  Below you will find information on characters, vehicles, discoverable objects and brick builds.  There are also some tutorials and custom builds by the Bricks To Life team.

Just like the game, this hub is a work in progress.  Stop by often for the latest and greatest content related to LEGO Worlds.

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LEGO Worlds DLC Packs:

LEGO Worlds is packed with tons off free weekly DLC (check out the Brick Build showcase info below), plus the occasional expansion DLC which typically offers a new biome, missions, and rewards. Most of the large DLC expansions are paid, and can be picked up for $2.99 in your console’s store.

Here’s our handy guide on how to find and download DLC for LEGO Worlds! 

lego worlds dlc

Winter WonderLands

Released: December 2017 – Free

Winter Wonderlands is a free DLC pack for LEGO Worlds that contains tons of holiday goodness.  Check out our guides to unlock all the winter wonders and help your make your builds festive.

lego worlds dlc


Released: October 2017 – $2.99

The Monsters DLC Pack is paid content but well worth the money.  It contains tons or new objects, vehicles and characters.  Our guides can help you on the path to a spooky build.  This pack was free with the physical version of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

lego worlds dlc

Classic Space

Released: July 2017 – $2.99

The Classic Space DLC Pack is another pay to play expansion of the LEGO Worlds galaxy.  The first pack contains tons of new vehicles, characters and discoverable objects.  This pack was included at no charge with the physical version of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

lego worlds dlc

LEGO Agents Pack

Released: Launch – Free

Initially a PS4 exclusive for LEGO Worlds, now everyone can enjoy the LEGO Agents Character pack! Be the cool secret agent you always dreamed of!

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LEGO Worlds Secret Codes

lego worlds dlc

There are many vehicles and characters that are only available via a special code.  You must enter these codes in from the main menu!  We have an ever expanding list of codes.

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Brick Build Showcase

lego worlds dlc

LEGO Worlds is always introducing new FREE builds via the Brick Build Showcase.  These builds may include new vehicles, characters, animals and discoverable objects.  Check out the themes and individual builds below

Happy 60th Birthday LEGO Brick

Jungle Explorers

  • Jungle Camp  |  Jungle Temple Ruins  |  Dino Transport Cage  |  Dino Discovery Site

Ancient Rome



LEGO City Emergency

  • Police Station  |  Fire Station  |  Airport Terminal and Runway

Winter Wonderland Worlds Contest Winners

Rebrick held a contest to create a Winter Wonderland scene with the winners having their entries recreated inside LEGO Worlds.  The entries that won were incredible and look great in the game.  Some of the builds are so large they had to be split into multiple parts to be added to the Brick Build Showcase.

Nexo Knights

  • Knighton Keep  |  Knighton Wall Entrance  |  Knighton Wall West  |  Knighton Wall East  |  Knighton Wall North  |  Stone Tower Ruin

Fabulous Fifties

Chinese New Year


Amusement Park


  • Lobster Restaurant  |  Ice Cream Shop  |  Fishing Docks  |  Beach  |  Pool  |  Camping Store

City Block:

  • Coffee Shop  |  Barber Shop  |  Hotel (Under Construction)  |  Arcade Cabinet

Pirate Island:

Ancient Egypt

Wild West:

Ninjago City

LEGO Worlds Celebration

Standalone Builds:

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LEGO Worlds Legendary Bricks


While exploring LEGO Worlds you may discover these strange LEGO pieces inside various chests. These are actually QR codes! Collect four matching pieces, assembled them in game, then scan them with a mobile phone to get coordinates to a Legendary Brick!

or just use our guide and skip the hard part!

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Vehicle Guides

lego worlds dlc

You can find vehicles literally everywhere in LEGO Worlds, underwater, in the sky, deep in the forrest and on the streets of towns. With such a huge variety of vehicles at your disposal, you can get anywhere you want in a hurry!

There are some vehicles available inside specific Brick Build Showcases.

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Character Unlock Guides

lego worlds dlc

Most characters in LEGO Worlds require you’re help before you can discover and add them to your collection. Most are pretty easy to help, but some require a few extra steps and can be sort of tricky to finally unlock.

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Animal Unlock Guides

lego worlds dlc

The animals in LEGO Worlds either want to chew you up or be your best friend, but to discover them, you’re going to have to take your time and give them each what they want. Be patient, it may take traveling around to many of the biomes to collect the various food you might need to unlock them all.

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Object Discovery Guides

lego worlds dlc

In every corner of LEGO Worlds there are objects just waiting for you to discover. From flowers and trees to sofas and TVs. While it would be pretty difficult for us to list EVERY object, we have put together some guides for some of the cooler objects you can find, including the DLC expansions.

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LEGO Worlds Biomes


There are tons of strange worlds to discover and explore in LEGO Worlds, each with a very different environment. In the game these are called Biomes, and they are what set the stage for the type of animals, characters, vehicles, etc you will find while exploring.

Quick reviews of each of these biomes coming very soon!

  • Winter Wonderland (Free DLC)
  • Moon (Classic Space DLC)
  • Haunted Forrest (Monsters DLC)
  • Colossal Coral
  • Submerged Secrets
  • Fearsome Frontier
  • Dusty Dunes
  • Wicked Wasteland
  • Playful Prairie
  • Rowdy Rainforest
  • Merry Meadows
  • Whispering Woodland
  • Fantasy Forest
  • Watchful Wilderness
  • Junkyard Jungle
  • Polar Plains
  • Lawless Lagoon
  • Failing Forest
  • Frosty Forest
  • Ornamental Orchard
  • Dessert Desert
  • Spooky Woods
  • Fungus Forest
  • Crystal Crags

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LEGO Worlds Patch Notes / Features / Enhancements

lego worlds dlc

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Custom Builds and Tutorials

lego worlds dlc

LEGO Worlds is virtually limitless in the objects you can create.  Our team and the community build great things that need to be shared.

Bricks To Life Team

The Bricks To Life team plays a lot of LEGO Worlds. We love to share our creations with other fans of LEGO Worlds here and on social media.

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Easter Eggs and Secrets

LEGO Worlds Easter Eggs and Secrets

LEGO Worlds has a lot of hidden goodies, special rewards and tricks.  Here is a list of our favorites.


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