MessyPandas Lego Dimension Custom Toy Tag Stickers!

These awesome Lego Dimensions custom toy tag stickers are a beautiful and unique way to keep your growing collection organized and sorted! We recently got our hands on a pack of these stickers and they are incredible. Both wonderfully designed and shipped ready to apply, these stickers are some of our favorite custom artwork for any Toys To Life game!

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

MessyPandas is a talented artist who makes all sorts of gorgeous art inspired by movies, tv and gaming. He turned his attention to the bare Lego Dimensions toy tags a few months ago and crafted an impressive set of custom designed stickers.

You can pick up these stickers for only £7.99 (approximately $12) here on his eBay page! (Free Shipping! Tell him you came from Bricks To Life!)

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

Cleverly designed, each of the sticker “sets” are matching to make the toy tag’s even easier to identify.

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

Each round sticker is precut and ready to peel and stick onto the blank toy tags. The tags can be a little tricky to peel, but be patient and don’t trim your fingernails before applying.

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

The fit of the tag is a little tight, and it takes a steady hand to lay the sticker on just right. (Tip: Aim the dividing lines of the sticker to match up with center of the Lego studs.)

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

After you firmly apply the sticker onto the tag you can remount your vehicles!

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

After the stickers are on, enjoy your new, sleek vehicles, gadgets and toys!

MessyPandas Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers

The stickers are shipped in a double bagged package, and they arrived securely and in perfect condition. Even though MessyPandas is located in the UK, he will ship the sticker set for free to anywhere in the world which is an incredible offer from any artist.

Here is a quick review video we made of the sticker set!

Check out MessyPandas on their official website, Twitter, & Instagram!

As an exciting bonus, BricksToLife is teaming up with MessyPandas to give away a full set of these custom Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Stickers! Make sure you enter the giveaway here!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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