Midway Arcade Level Walkthrough Is Here!

The latest level pack drops tomorrow (3/15) and features a brick load of nostalgia with over a dozen classic Midway Arcade games.


The Midway Arcade Level Pack comes with the the Gamer Kid Minifigure, the Arcade Game gadget, and the G-6155 Spy Hunter vehicle.

Gamer Kid features tons of abilities for one character, with a clever mechanic of switching shirts and drinking a power up beverage to activate it.


The Spy Hunter is a fun vehicle to drive around, and it’s upgrades give it some useful tools like flying and water access.


The real hero of the level pack is the Arcade Machine! With the new gadget you can unlock over a dozen classic Midway Arcade franchises in their full complete original form. The Arcade Machine itself has upgrades that give it more usefulness as a weapon, but it’s real magic is all the great classic games.

MIDWAY ARCADE lego dimensions

The Retro Wreckage level featured with the pack is different from all other levels in that it requires you to beat at least 7 different arcade games to advance in the story. It took us approximately 1 1/2 Hours to complete without playing all the additional arcade games featured in the Arcade but not required to complete the story. Check out our full walkthrough including Minikit & Rescue character by clicking the image above or here!

Midway Arcade Level Pack Unboxing

Here’s a close up of the minifigure and everything inside the new Level Pack!


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Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & ThemeParkTube.com - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!