New DC Films DLC Character Pack Coming February 12th For LEGO DC Super Villains!

The fourth and final character pack for LEGO DC Super Villains arrives this Tuesday!  The DC Films pack, which contains the DCEU renditions of Cyborg, Batman, Flash, Deathstroke, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Clark Kent releases on all platforms this Tuesday.  We have exclusive pictures and ability information thanks to Andrew on Twitter.  One thing worth mentioning is that there are textures for Aquaman’s Justice League variant in the PC game files for the DLC, but he is mysteriously missing from the pack.  A hoodie version of Cyborg was also cut from the pack.

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LEGO DC Super Villains DC Films Characters

Batman (Movie)


Ben Affleck’s Batman appears here in all of his glory.  He comes with all brand-new idle animations and a new version of the Batwing drone.  His abilities are similar to the base Batman with Drone Access, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Illumination, Grapple, Glide (Advanced), Explosives, Sonar, Security Access, Projectile Rebound, Photo Mode, X-ray Vision, Tracking, Technology, and Stealth.

Batman dedicated his life to an endless crusade, a war on all criminals in the name of his parents, who were taken from him when he was just a child. A self-made Super Hero, he trained his body and mind to near physical perfection while using an arsenal of technology to keep a watchful, protective eye over Gotham City, especially against criminals like The Joker.

Cyborg (Movie)


Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is fairly similar to the base game’s Cyborg, but is still a bit more detailed with better torso and legs.  His abilities are Electricity Protection, Flight, Detective Mode, Beam Deflect, Photo Mode, Illumination, Hyper Jump, Heat, Super Strength, Stealth, Smash Walls, Security Access, X-Ray Vision, and Technology.

Part man and part machine, Cyborg is far stronger than the average person. By interfacing with computers with his genius-level intellect, he can emit various types of energy making him a formidable fighter. One of the planet’s greatest Super Heroes, Cyborg uses his ability to communicate and command technology to save innocent lives.

Deathstroke (Movie)


Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke only had a small appearance in the post-credits scene of Justice League, but quickly became a fan favorite for his sleek design.  His abilities are Goon Command, Detective Mode, Beam Deflect, Acrobat, Projectile Rebound, Photo Mode, Illumination, Grapple, Tracking, Technology, and Stealth.

Deathstroke is the only Super-Villain to make an appearance from the Justice League movie as part of the character pack. He depends on his heightened speed, strength, senses, and most importantly, his incredibly high intelligence, which makes him a master strategist and tactician. He is one of the world’s greatest and most feared Super Villains.

Flash (Movie)


Ezra Miler’s Flash Armor Suit is finally in the game, and was one of the most requested characters for this pack among fans.  His ear-less cowl is going to be very useful for Customizer fans.  His abilities are Sonar, Security Access, Photo Mode, Acrobat, Wall Climbing, Teleportation, and Cosmic Treadmill.

Both a master of speed and time, The Flash often uses his powers to travel though different eras and even into other dimensions. As a Super Hero, The Flash always does his best to outrun tragedies and to keep them from happening to those around him.

Superman (Movie)


Henry Cavill’s Superman is the third version of Superman to appear in the game, and with all new animations.  This Superman has new idle animations and actually hovers on the ground instead of walking which is an awesome addition.  His abilities are Toxic Gas Protection, Fire Protection, Flight, Detective Mode, Ice, Hyper Jump, Heat, Toxic Goo Protection, Super Strength, Smash Walls, Security Access, Photo Mode, X-Ray Vision, and Transform.

Superman is the world’s first Super Hero and a guiding light to all known by his uniform, “S” shield on his chest, and unmatchable super strength and the ability to fly. The Man of Steel is the ultimate symbol of truth, justice, and hope and he strives to represent the inherent goodness of the human spirit, and the capacity of every living thing to do right by their neighbors.

Clark Kent (Movie)


Henry Cavill appears a second time in this pack as Superman, and he looks great with his tan suit sweater and black pants.  One clever thing to note is that he actually takes off his glasses when shooting his heat beam.  For some odd reason he has a few abilities that Superman doesn’t such as Electricity Protection.  His abilities are Toxic Gas Protection, Fire Protection, Electricity Protection, Detective Mode, Photo Mode, Ice, Heat, Toxic Goo Protection, X-Ray Vision, Transform, Super Strength, and Smash Walls.

Wonder Woman (Movie)


Finally, we have Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.  She is one of the most, if not the most, popular characters in the DCEU right now and it’s great seeing her version in the game with the new hair piece and shield.  She comes with new fighting animations and an attack dash that activates when you press B/Circle/A.  Her abilities are Grapple, Boomerang, Beam Deflect, Acrobat, Security Access, Projectile Rebound, Photo Mode, Hyper Jump, Teleportation, Super Strength, and Smash Walls.

As one of the most beloved and iconic DC Super Heroes of all time, Wonder Woman has stood for nearly eighty years as a symbol of truth, justice and equality to people everywhere. With super strength and legendary combat skills, she constantly walks the line of promoting peace and her need to fight back against evil doers on Earth.

That’s it for the final DLC character pack for LEGO DC Super Villains!  Four of the level packs are still yet to release and should release over the next few months.  Young Justice: Outsiders recently released on DC Universe so expect the Young Justice Level Pack to be the next to release. The two Shazam! packs will most likely release in April and May.  Are you excited for the DC Films pack to release?  Let us know down below!

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