New Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Details from SDCC: Venom, Carnage, Howard the Duck, & more!

We’ve all been waiting eagerly to get more news about Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, and during today’s Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic Con, our wishes were granted. More details and pictures will be filling in as we get them (the panel was still going as we wrote this), but here’s what we know so far (thanks to Newsarama for keeping us updated):

  • Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, World War Hulk, Wild West Captain America, Rocket and Baby Groot, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange were “images projected on the screen.” The screen seems to align perfectly with what’s on the promotional images for the game (the featured image for this article). Check out our post here for what other characters we’ve seen in character select.
  • The game will be a time traveling romp traveling from the medieval days to the Wild West, and is a direct sequel to LMSH1. The game will play off the cliffhanger ending with the Guardians of the Galaxy of the first game. Star-Lord’s mention of “something else” will be followed up on.
  • Chronopolis, the open world, is larger than any previous open world in a Lego Game
  • Kurt Busiek is working with the team to help develop stories inspired by Avengers: Forever and Kang Dynasty
  • They also revealed a portion partway through the story where you’re chasing Goblin 2099 as Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 2099, and Classic Spider-Man. You enter the Alchemax facility, and Carnom is created as a result of some experiment.
  • What’s Carnom? It was also revealed that Venom and Carnage will be coming to the game, and can combine to create the giant symbiote monster, “Carnom.”With the addition of a combo character, might some other characters combine interesting ways? Hulkpool, Onslaught, Spider-Hulk, Wolf-Cap or some other creative merging, perhaps? Below is a dump of all the images and tweets we’ve found about it so far.




For those still doubting our sources, we teased Venom/Carnage about a month ago.


  • Finally, Greg “Game Over Greggie” Miller (who also hosted the panel) will be voicing Howard the Duck in the game. Miller previously voiced Aldritch Killian in LMSH1. Parsons said Howard will have an alter ego named Iron Duck, and has a “huge role” in the game.

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Written by: Greg Pollock