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Just before the launch of the new Monsters DLC Pack, LEGO Worlds released a new software update.  The update makes a few minor changes but also introduces some substantial improvements and new features. The team behind LEGO Worlds at TT Games has promised an additional update coming very soon to make even more improvements, but for the time being we are super excited about all the new upgrades we have to play with!

Let’s break down all the major features in the update.

Landscape Tool:  Shapes

The Add/Remove feature on the landscape tool got a major overhaul.  In addition to more than a dozen new shapes, you can now rotate the placement.  It appears to be at set increments.

When you rotate the shapes, if they are not squared up to the regular bricks, the edges can be a little jagged.  For example, these two arches were placed using the landscape tool.  One was placed in line with the regularly placed blocks.  The other was rotated slightly.  Notice the edges on the rotated object.

Overhead view of a rotated Arch

Planner Tool:

Under the build tool, there is a new tab for the planner.  These are prebuilt wall segments that can be used to quickly build houses.  Here are all of the options available under planner.

Using the planner, the following house was created in less than one minute!  Seriously! Less…than…a…minute! Simply place four walls, then hit the button that indicates (Hold) Build Structure.  In this case, the Switch, it is the Y button.

Planner Tool - Completed Structure

Wall Building:

Another new feature on the build tool is the wall builder.  To build a wall, select any brick using the build tool (absolutely any brick, even slopes).  When you have the first brick where you want it, press and hold the button that says (Hold) Drag.  Again, this was done on the Switch so it is the A button.  While holding the button, use the left analog stick to change the size of the wall. You can also use rotate the brick to change the depth of the wall.  When your wall is the right size, simply release the button.  You have created a wall!

Wall Builder - Release to build

Copy Tool:

The Copy tool got a slight control upgrade and at least one issue was resolved.  The original controls for the Copy tool are still intact.  The update added a simple button press to “expand uniformly.”  In other words, hold the button and the box will grow the same size in each direction (horizontally).  It will grow vertically as well, just not as quickly.

New Copy Tool Controls

While working on a custom build grand piano, it was discovered the Copy tool didn’t copy discoverable objects.  When the grand piano was finished and was copied using the copy tool, only the back half was moved.  The Giant piano keyboard object was left in place.  After testing the Copy Tool after the update, discoverable objects are now part of the copy.

Copy Tool - Now with objects

Contemplating building a hotel or apartment with standardized rooms?  Previously, you would have to decorate each room individually.   This new update will allow you to copy a room and all the decorations (aka discoverable objects) to a new location.

Camera Car:

This new vehicle, which unlocks for 5000 studs, is meant to make filming movies and framing photos much easier.  It is best with two players, a driver and a camera man.  TT Games says you can use this with one player but I was not able to get the camera to activate with one player.

Here is how it works for two players.  The first player will jump in the front seat as the driver.  The second player will hop in the back seat as the camera man and will control the camera. They can raise and lower the arm, zoom in and out and rotate the camera both vertically and horizontally.

Controls for camera car

The controls are pretty straight forward.  Just remember the buttons for later!  Once you hit the Use Camera button and the camera starts rolling, the prompts disappear.

When ready, the camera man hits the “Use” button.  A countdown will start and then the screen switches from the split screen to the view from the camera.  This sounds awesome! Honestly, I was underwhelmed.

You and your buddy are ready to try the camera car.  Go ahead, take it for a spin!

Camera car - split screen

Now that you have two players in the vehicle, hit the “Use camera” button.  A nice count down will start to let you know when you will switch modes.

Now your camera is active and…Yikes!

Camera car - wide angle shot

Maybe I should zoom in…then again, maybe not. I guess the draw distance is still an issue.  That is a great zoom but doesn’t yield great results.

Camera car - zoom shot

That experiment didn’t really work as well as you hoped!  You and your buddy both hop out of the camera car…What?

Camera Car - Still rolling

Looks like the camera man forgot to stop the camera before he jumped out of the car.  The camera is now in a fixed position.  Only one thing left to do…skydive!  Well, maybe two…return to ship…NOPE.  Neither of those worked.

The only way to release the camera from the car is to have player two drop out!  I will continue to experiment with the camera car in hopes that maybe these issues are just part of a learning curve.

Sky Spinner:

Have you built a nice house but the lighting at night makes it nearly impossible to see?  What if there was no night?  The Sky Spinner, a new tool under inventory, allows you to greatly reduce the time spent in the dark.

Start off by opening your Inventory tool.

Tools - Inventory

Then select the Sky Spinner.

Sky Spinner

The sky spinner is an awesome looking mini clock with the hands constantly spinning.  Press the button to quickly cycle from night to day.

Holding the Sky Spinner

Discovery Tool:

One of the most important tools in the game got a major overhaul.  The Discovery tool was given several new features and a new layout.  For starters, everything is now categorized. You no longer have to scroll through the endless list of discoverable objects.  Although that option still exists if you like suffering.  Another much needed feature is the ability to search for objects.  This will narrow all of the results down for you. If you are looking at a particular category, you will now see silhouettes.  These indicate there are objects you have not yet discovered.  Finally, you can now delete the custom objects you created but no longer need.

The old discovery tool had tabs across the top.

Giant Piano Keyboard

After the update, the tabs have shifted to the left side.

Updated Discoverable Objects

Move the left analog stick all the way to the left to move into the new tabs.  Then move up and down to change groups.  The tabs across the top now let you filter by category or perform a search.

Object Search:

When you are using the Discovery Tool, you will see a search box on the right side of the top navigation.  Use the proper button (R on the Switch) to get to the search box.  Here you can see the results for helicopter.

Vehicle Search Helicopter

After experimenting with the search, a very minor issue was discovered.  It isn’t necessarily a bug but it wasn’t expected behavior.  After going to the Characters/Animals tab, searching for “pi” brought back unexpected results.  You would expect pigs and pirates. You got a lot more.
Character Search: pi

The search does not filter by the category you are currently browsing.  In addition to pigs and pirates, the results include any object containing the letters pi.  Including piles, pillars, scorpions, spiders and many more.  The results are still much easier to browse.

Deleting Custom Brick Builds:

Prior to the update, the custom objects you created always displayed a delete prompt.  It…did…nothing!  The update now allows you to delete those builds that you may not have gotten exactly right the first time.

Delete Discoverable Objects Confirm deletion of Discoverable Objects Updated Discoverable Objects


If you don’t have all of the objects in a specific category, a new silhouette will show you what objects are missing.

Builds Categories Silhouettes

Draw distance:

The draw distance on the Switch has been improved.  Here is the same shot from a custom build before and after the update.

Haan Mansion Museum

After the update, the rails on the left and the roof on the right are rendered perfectly.

Improved Draw Distance

Delete Custom Characters:

If you have created a lot of custom characters, now you can delete them.  Just select the figure you want to delete and press the Delete button.  Confirm the deletion and the figure will disappear.

Delete Custom Minifigure Confirm - Delete Custom Minifigure Updated Custom Minifigure grid

There are several other minor changes in the update but these are the best and the brightest.  Here is a video from TT Games highlighting some of the new features.

Enjoy the update and happy building!

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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.