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Lego Dimensions Custom Toy Tags – Part 2

We’re back with another round of Custom Toy Tags for the various Lego Dimensions Vehicles and Gadgets out there! These new toy tags have had a few minor tweaks to the designs, including incorporating the character the vehicle or gadget it directly tied to for some. Here’s a few of the

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule Review

Lego Dimensions doesn’t have much in terms of accessories. So far the only thing on the shelves for Dimensions has been the game and the various expansion packs. Starting last month I started to notice these cool little cases popping up online and decided to go on the hunt to

Custom Lego Dimensions Portal Gallery

Lego Dimensions offers up a unique experience in the Toys To Life genre that other games don’t, you actually play with the toys before using them in game. Lego’s are baked into the majority of our childhoods as an explorative building experience that allowed us to express our creativity outside

Secrets of the Lego TARDIS

The Idea At the end of last year, I got on one of my creative kicks and wanted to make something cool related to Lego Dimensions. What better than a TARDIS? However, that isn’t what started it. Ultimately my idea involves a full display. The idea started small and grew.

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick Clues

One of the trickier gold bricks out in the many worlds of Lego Dimensions to find is in The Simpsons Adventure World. Most gold bricks are simple, hidden behind a obstacle cleared through a character’s special skill. One Gold Brick in particular takes a little more time to acquire than

Lego Dimensions Storage & Display Gallery

We love our collection of Lego Dimensions figures, vehicles, and gadgets. But with each fun pack we open, our desk space grows smaller and smaller as our collection grows. Dimensions is different from a lot of other Toys To Life gaming in that each pack contains more than just a

Best Lego Dimensions Deals 2/7 – 2/13

Here’s a quick summary of all the best deals across the web and major retailers for Lego Dimensions! Check out the top portion with break downs on all the retailers then scroll down for an in depth listing of every pack from every retailer! Use this guide to help price

Lego Dimensions Valentines

Valentines Day is closely approaching and everyone knows that Legos make the perfect gift. Forget chocolates or flowers, go instead for a Dimensions Fun Pack or a fun mini kit! To prepare you for the upcoming holiday, we’ve put together a few silly Lego Dimensions Valentines! Scroll down for a