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Lego Dimensions Valentines

Valentines Day is closely approaching and everyone knows that Legos make the perfect gift. Forget chocolates or flowers, go instead for a Dimensions Fun Pack or a fun mini kit! To prepare you for the upcoming holiday, we’ve put together a few silly Lego Dimensions Valentines! Scroll down for a

Mobile Lego Dimensions Wallpaper Gallery

We love making mobile wallpapers for Toys To Life Games! We’ve already put together a huge collection of awesome mobile wallpapers for Disney Infinity that you can find on our sister site, Disney Infinity Codes. Now we’ve put our wallpaper making powers to some Lego use. Enjoy part one of

Bricks To Life Is Here!

We are excited to announce our new Lego Dimensions focused site, Bricks To Life! A new sister site to our existing Toys To Life site Disney Infinity Codes, we will now be sharing a recap of the best deals of the week combined with guides, news and more! The content