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Last week LEGO Worlds dropped a fun little teaser previewing an upcoming free DLC: LEGO City Emergency! Team up with the hard working first responders of LEGO City to rescue civilians, catch the criminals and save the day! The new content will drop similar to the existing Nexo Knight free DLC we got earlier this month and will feature at least two new featured builds.


The quick teaser was nothing more than a quick slideshow of in game screenshots using the new vehicles and characters from the DLC that you could pause and share your favorite scene. We took our time and combed through the clip to put together a decent list of all the new content we should be getting! Check out the original teaser here:

Scroll down for our breakdowns of both the Fire & Police sets featured in the video above!

LEGO City Fire!

lego worlds lego city emergency dlc

The Fire Rescue team for this new LEGO Worlds DLC looks to be almost entirely inspired by the very cool LEGO City set 60110: Fire Station! The set features a sweet three story building complete with two garages, fire pole and helipad.

lego worlds lego city emergency dlc

Three main Fire Vehicles were featured in the teaser, the Fire Helicopter, the Fire Truck & the Fire Rescue Car! Check out their real live counterparts in the gallery below!

From the teaser it also looks like you will be able to operate the crane on the back of the Fire Truck which looks pretty awesome! We already have fire fighters in the game, so who knows it we will get new minifigure pieces for the customizer or just generic NPCs.

LEGO City Police!

lego worlds lego city emergency dlc

While we already have some of the LEGO City Police vehicles and figures in the game currently, this new DLC looks to expand the line up and give us an awesome new building! The Police content looks to be based off two separate sets, both 60141 Police Station & 60140 Bull Dozer Break In.

With only one vehicle (the red Bulldozer) from the 60140 set, the majority of the content from this pack will come out of 60141, specifically the Police headquarters with garage, gate, prison and offices. The game already hosts a LEGO City Police helicopter & police car (through a secret code) so this new update will only add in one new police vehicle: the motorcycle!

Were sure there is probably more to this new DLC than the teaser lets on but it’s great fun searching through real LEGO sets looking for the new digital content we will get to play with soon in game.

As soon as we get an announcement date on the new DLC we will let you know! Expect a full trailer to be revealed soon!

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