Prophecy Pack Pre-Order Bonus for The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

Pre-Orders have opened for The LEGO Movie 2 and Steam has revealed the pre-purchase bonus pack!  TT has been adding free pre-order DLC to most of the games over the past few years, with the latest being the Parr Family Vacation pack for LEGO The Incredibles and the Justice League Dark pack for LEGO DC Supervillains.  The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame’s pre-order pack has been confirmed as the Prophecy Pack, which contains characters from the first LEGO movie!  The description says the following:

“Play as your favorite film characters from the first LEGO Movie. The character pack includes Young Vitruvius and the unsuspecting Emmet in his pajamas. Kragle-loving Lord Business is also in the pack along with other memorable characters Shakespeare, Cleopatra, and Classic Metal Beard.”

I, personally, am very excited for Shakespeare and Classic Metal Beard, as I love their LEGO designs.  Are you going to be pre-ordering the game?  For which platform?  Let us know down below!

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Written by: Béla Kurzenhauser

Béla is a writer at and has been a fan of LEGO Games since 2009. He's an aspiring game developer currently working on his computer science degree and likes to spend his time reading the newest comics, watching films, playing the latest games, or hanging out with his cat.