Secrets of the Lego TARDIS

The Idea

At the end of last year, I got on one of my creative kicks and wanted to make something cool related to Lego Dimensions. What better than a TARDIS? However, that isn’t what started it.

Ultimately my idea involves a full display. The idea started small and grew. The first part of the idea for the display is the Emerald City behind the Portal Pad. On one side, the Daily Planet and on the other the Clock Tower from Back to the Future.

I wanted more series represented, so I thought some more of what else I would want to include, and easily came up with the TARDIS and not as easily, Helm’s Deep. Right now, the only thing built from this idea is the TARDIS. The next part of my display plan is establishing the base of the display.


Starting with the TARDIS, I knew I needed something… a lot of dark blue pieces. I took to Ebay and found The Brick Bank selling bulk colors of Legos. As of posting this, he is all out of Dark Blue… I’m really not sure why…

I bought 3 pounds of Dark Blue pieces. I didn’t know how many pieces I would need, and 3 pounds of a specific color sounded like quite a bit. Ultimately, I was surprised at how little progress I actually made.

20160106_232642 20160106_232654

There were more pieces to use not shown in the above pictures. However, from this early building, I quickly realized that I had to redesign my idea to make the best use of the pieces I got.

I bought more Dark Blue pieces. Ultimately, I ended up buying around 10-12 pounds of Dark Blue pieces, and a couple pounds of Black and White pieces. In addition to the bulk purchases, I also used Bricklink to supplement with pieces I absolutely knew I would need.

The Final Results

It took me about 6 weeks of curating all of the pieces I needed to finally finish off the TARDIS. Below are the images from the finished build.

01 - LrGgTrk 02 - kqBUMvt 20160205_191713 04 - b54ycsa 06 - W6ouQbn 08 - 5StI5iD 09 - bde8LCb 10 - PlyTq3y

… and now holding Dimensions pieces.

12 - e5W5AhZ 13 - nwc74sI 14 - YiUUsWD 15 - WDyoPrL

The Fine Details

There are certain parts to the design that are specific. The first part is the use of the Hinge piece. This was used for both the main doors, small “telephone” door, and opening for the top.

Both the door handle and the signs around the top utilize Lego pieces connecting from the side.

20160211_225149 20160211_225207

I utilized a lot of smooth pieces for finishing touches on the entire build. On the top, in the center, is a single connection piece, to connect the top “light” piece. For the windows on the door, it is a mix of black and white pieces. Along the very top of the doors, are smooth pieces to allow for a smoother open and closing of the doors.

20160211_225243 20160211_225306

The Specific Pieces

As mentioned above, there are some specific pieces that I used. A full pieces list can’t really be created from this, as I had to use what was provided. Such as, in some places, I had to piece together 3 flat pieces to create a normal size brick or I would use a corner piece with a 1×1 to create a 2×2 brick.

A majority of the other pieces you can expect to need is A LOT of the following in Dark Blue:

  • 2×2 Bricks and Flats
  • 1×2 Bricks and Flats
  • Any combination of 1x? Smooth. Definitely at least 32 of 1×6 Smooth for between the panels.
  • 2×2 Corner Bricks and Flats

Several smaller amounts of pieces you will need is:

  • Any combination of 1x? Smooth in black and white
  • A few 1×1 Smooth Black are useful for on top of the window portions.

Finally, you will need to look at this as a puzzle. Once you have one row complete, it is a matter of building that up 4 more times. Be prepared to not necessarily build each row exactly like the previous, but utilizing all the pieces the best you can to fit in where they should.

Any comments or questions about the TARDIS? Leave those below!

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Written by: Josh Crawford

Josh is a video gaming and Lego enthusiast, enjoying both activities from an early age. When both are combined, it creates a combination of epic proportions. He contributes to the content of Bricks to Life through guides and informational pages about Lego Dimensions.