Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick Clues

One of the trickier gold bricks out in the many worlds of Lego Dimensions to find is in The Simpsons Adventure World. Most gold bricks are simple, hidden behind a obstacle cleared through a character’s special skill.

One Gold Brick in particular takes a little more time to acquire than simply triggering a switch or melting some ice… The Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick.


The Elementary school brick is hidden at the end of a string of clues left by the mischievous El Barto in his favorite style of prank, the fake name.

Here is a quick guide to hunting down that gold brick! Scroll down to find a video walkthrough of each clue!

Clue 1 – Springfield Elementary School

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Get to the second floor of the school and find the window into the classroom. Inside you will find an X-Ray wall with a quick puzzle. After interacting with the puzzle you will unlock the box in the back corner of the room with a clue box!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

The first clue reads:  Hello? El Barto here. I’m looking for a friend of mine, goes by the name Sue B. Marine. Could you find her for me?

Looks like we are going to need a Submarine! Guess it’s time to take a dive!

Clue 2 – Sunken Submarine

Head out the school and right to the edge of the map and jump off. You are going to need a character with Dive for this next part.

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Start swimming down and under Springfield to the debris field until you reach the sunken submarine! Inside the sub you will find the next clue!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

The next clue reads: El Barto strikes again! This time I’m trying to find Mr. Peasy… That’s Mr.S. Lee Peasy.

Time to head to Springfield’s favorite seedy motel… The Sleep Easy!

Clue 3 – The Sleep Easy Motel

The Sleep Easy Motel has a few open rooms you can access and you will need to make your way into the open room just off the front parking lot across from the yellow car.

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Once inside the room you will need to use a character with Relic Finder to make the next clue appear!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

The next clue reads: There’s this guy I know, last name Hall, first initial C.T. If you see C.T. Hall around, send him to El Barto!

Next we head to Springfield’s City Hall!

Clue 4 – City Hall

Once you’ve made your way over to City Hall, you’re going to need to get inside. The front door of City Hall is solid gold and will need a character with Laser to break through!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Carve out the front door and head inside to find the next clue on stage next to a dancing Mayor Quimby!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

The final clue reads: This last one is a real treasure. I’m looking for Ms. Wachamovi, first name Ivana, Ivana Wachamovi. Tell me where to go to Wachamovi! El Barto out.

To find the hidden treasure it’s time to head over to the Aztec Theater!

Gold Brick – Aztec Theater

Make your way over to the Aztec, tucked next to the Buzz Cola factory just outside Krustyland and make you way around the side of the building. There you will find another Relic Detection spot. Use it to summon a dumpster that needs some Magic to turn it over and toss it’s content.

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Assemble the pieces left from the destroyed dumpster to build a treasure chest! Crack that baby open and you’ll find an awesome Gold Brick!

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick

Video Walkthrough

Here’s a quick video we made hoping from clue to clue to help you find the Gold Brick!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & ThemeParkTube.com - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!