Adventure Time

Hidden Mini Boss – Pillow Dragon

Lego games have always been packed with fun secrets and easter eggs and Lego Dimensions is no different. Hidden deep inside the Adventure Time Adventure World of Year 2 is a great hidden area and epic boss battle. The Pillow World episode of Adventure Time was both heart breaking and

Adventure Time Minikit Guide & More!

MATHEMATICAL! Our Adventure Time Level Pack Minikit & Level Guide is up and ready for you to use! To visit our guide either click here or the image below! If you want a video guide, scroll down and watch! Our level guides include all 10 minikits, the rescue character, rule

Limited Year 1 Abilities Get New Life In Year 2!

The various puzzles and collectibles in the Lego Dimensions worlds are usually dependent on a certain character or vehicle ability. For example, only Unikitty can destroy rainbow bricks and only Peter Venkman can suspend ghosts to be trapped. These limited abilities usually aren’t a big deal for completist collectors who