The Missing Year 2 Gold Bricks

A new patch finally dropped for LEGO Dimensions over the past week across all the consoles, adding in new content for the upcoming Goonies Level Pack and LEGO City Fun Pack. Unfortunately, the patch did more than just add cool content to the game, it also took some stuff away — and this isn’t the first time.

The last time Dimensions updated in early February (LEGO Batman content) we saw the Shard Level Selection Menu gutted. Originally the Shard Level Selection Menu had six question mark place holders for Level Packs, and that number was reduced to only 4.

The latest Dimensions update gutted another feature of the game, the Gold Brick count.


When Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions first dropped, the community was super thrilled when they first turned on their game and found that the Gold Brick total had more than doubled, jumping up to 1068 Bricks. This huge number gave a lot of people hope for a ton of new content, but based on the Level Selection Menu and the announced content, it was a little tricky to figure out just how the Gold Bricks would add up. Now that we near the end of Year 2, things are starting to come together.


The new update that hit our consoles last week has officially dropped the Gold Brick count down from 1068 to only 1016. A total of 52 Gold Bricks have suddenly disappeared from the game. For the curious minds out there, here is some food for thought on the easiest way to figure out what those Gold Bricks were originally intended for:

  • 1 Adventure World = 28 Gold Bricks
  • 6 Levels = 24 Gold Bricks
    • [1 Level  = 4 Gold Bricks (Completion, Rule Breaker, Minikits & Rescue Character)]

Add those up and you get 52 Gold Bricks. While we don’t absolutely know for sure what happened, it appears that a potential story pack was removed from the game — a Story Pack that was slated for Year 2 but was ultimately cancelled.


Take this info at face value. While we know from our inside source that there was a potential fourth Story Pack planned for Year 2, none of its characters were included in the initial teaser trailer, there were no mentions of it in any of the press releases, interviews, or announcements and the Shard had no portal for it. It’s clear that at the launch of Year 2, hopes were high that we’d see four story packs, but with the rumored impending cancellation things have clearly changed. This removal of the 52 Gold Bricks is likely the nail in the coffin of any potential fourth story pack releasing for Year 2.

Note: Last week’s episode of Inside LEGO we addressed this change in the Gold Brick count and theorized what might have happened. We mistakenly said that the removed content might have been a cancelled level pack, but its more clearly a story pack. We wanted to take the time to clarify this in an article to prevent any kind of further speculation. 

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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