Ultimate Lego Dimensions Stud Farming In Year 2!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 has brought us some of the best Red Bricks we’ve seen in the game yet. Thanks to the Adventure Time (Mathematical!) and Harry Potter (Accio Studs!) its now easier than ever to collect lots and lots of studs in a very short time.

With our favorite little stud farming location in the DC Adventure World we were able to collect well over 10 Million Studs PER MINUTE!

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.33.12 AM

Here’s what you’re going to need to make this stud farm work best for you:

  • A Fully Upgraded Land Vehicle w/ the Weapons, Stud Magnet & Stud Bonus Upgrades Purchased.
  • Dwarf’s Bounty Red Brick – Found in the Lord Of The Rings Adventure World (Costs 1,000,000 Studs)
  • Mathematical! Red Brick – Found in the Adventure Time Adventure World (Costs 100,000 Studs)
  • Accio Studs Red Brick – Found in the Harry Potter Adventure World (Costs 100,000 Studs)
  • Juke Box Restoration Location In DC Adventure World (Arkum Asylum)

Jump into the DC Adventure World and head over to the Arkum Asylum and go in side. If you have your jukebox restored all the henchmen inmates should spawn and then head over into a big clump to join the dance party. Hop in your vehicle with weapons and start spinning around in circles shooting everyone and everything. Your combo meter should begin to climb pretty quickly and before you know it you will have 10x stud bonus.

All these things stacked together = major stud collection:

Dwarf Bounty – x2 Studs

Attack Combo – x10 Studs

Mathematical! Red Brick – Higher Value Stud Drop Rate

Vehicle Stud Magnet + Red Brick Stud Magnet = Easy Pick Up

We farmed for just 1 minute with this technique and we were able to collect approximately 10,000,000 studs!

Check out our video demo and walkthrough below & happy farming!

Lego Dimensions Stud Farming

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Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & ThemeParkTube.com - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!