Vehicle Unlock Guide – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

To unlock all the vehicles in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 you will need to complete the challenges presented to you in the Map screen of Chronopolis. Some of these challenges are super easy, some are super tricky. Each rewards you with a unique vehicle, some driving, some flying and some boats!


As we compile guides on how to bang out all 20+ challenges, scroll down for a list of what vehicle is unlocked with each challenge completed!

Check out the video above showing off all the vehicles in action thanks to our buddy JayShockBlast!

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Vehicle Unlock Guide

To find out how to unlock the vehicle of your LEGO dreams, click the link to jump to our Chronopolis Challenge guide.

  • Shocker’s VanWho’s The Boss
    • Defeat all the Chronopolis Hub World Bosses
  • Asgardian SkiffUnderwater Avenger
    • Swim through all the fish rings.
  • Mini AvenjetAerial Avenger
    • Fly through all the bird rings.
  • LolaDrone Destroyer
    • Destroy all the surveillance drones.
  • Black Widow’s MotorbikeBillboard Day
    • Hack all the Billboards.
  • Captain America’s JetTrivia Time
    • Win all the trivia machines.
  • Captain America’s MotorbikeAnimal Lover
    • Ride all the animal types.
  • Captain America’s 4×4Guided Tour
    • Ride the Kang Monorail all around Chronopolis.
  • Crossbones TruckStunt Hunt
    • Hit every stunt ramp.
  • Daily Bugle HelicopterWanted: Anonymity
    • Destroy every wanted posted in Old West.
  • Gwenpool’s MotorbikeDynasty Downer
    • Destroy all golden Kang statues.
  • Hydra InterceptorAntifreezer
    • Melt all the frozen people in Manhattan.
  • Deep Sea Hydra DiverCartographer
    • Activate all the map locations.
  • Mob Boss Attack CarTop Hat Toppler
    • Destroy all the silver top hats.
  • The MilanoVibranium Vanquisher
    • Defeat all the Vibranium warrior groups.
  • Starblaster SpaceshipHelicarrier Clean Up
    • Rescue all the stranded SHIELD agents trapped under rubble.
  • Captain Stacy’s BoatVistas Not To Be Missed-A
    • Find all the scenic vista locations.
  • The Laser Drill Change Of Address
    • Help the people of Chronopolis find a new home.
  • Winter Soldier’s BikeMinigame Master
    • Play all the minigames!
  • Police QuadRapper Round-Up
    • Judge all the rap battles.
  • NecrocraftSpore Or Less
    • Clear all the spores in Sakaar.
  • Roxxon TruckTreasure Hunter
    • Find all the treasures.
  • Taserface’s M-ShipAnnouncer Trouncer
    • Destroy all the Kang announcement speakers.
  • Octomec – The People’s Hero
    • Rescue 25 citizens in peril.
  • Black Panther JetTiddles Tracker
    • Locate all the black cats in Chronopolis.

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