Wave 9 Spotlight & Abilities List! Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go!

What may be the final update for LEGO Dimensions has finally come and with it some new character spotlights and ability lists for the characters of Wave 9! Keeping with the trend of Year 2 characters being packed to the gils with abilities, the final batch of packs will offer up some great combos and useful skills.

This wave is SERIOUSLY impressive with it’s abilities list. You could more or less beat the entire game (save for some time traveling skills) just with this Wave alone. Something we haven’t seen them do in awhile. While we aren’t sure if these stacked abilities are a way of helping out late to the game players as the game finally wraps up with it’s final wave, or if this was the plan from the begining, but either way… Wave 9 is a MUST BUY!

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Likely the most useless of the Wave 9 Characters, Beetlejuice is still a must have for opening up his adventure world. None of his abilities are unique but he does has some fun animations for a few, and will make a decent Gandalf replacement for level play through.

Teen Titans Go


Making a fantastic addition to the DC line up of characters, both Beast Boy & Starfire will give you additional ways to activate Atlantis portals which is pretty great! Starfire is also equipped with some other unique abilities from Rainbow LEGO Smash to Parseltongue Doors… totally worth the price of a single fun pack!

Raven of course has a new unique ability, the “Raven Portals” which you’ll need to 100% the game, but in addition to that she also has Lantern Construct, replacing the need for a Supergirl figure!

Powerpuff Girls

Finally, the Powerpuff Girls are also proving their worth with a huge list of great abilities! As rumored, each of the girls will have the Lantern Construct ability allowing you to forgo overpaying for a Supergirl Figure, but it doesn’t stop there!

Bubbles is equipped with Parseltongue, Atlantis, & Rainbow LEGO…. while Buttercup can Spinjitzu and Super Strength! You could practically 100% any level just with these three girls in your party!


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Written by: Daniel Becker

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