Young Justice DLC Level Pack Characters Leaked for LEGO DC Super Villains

Only two weeks after the release of the most recent level pack for LEGO DC Super Villains, Bricks To Life has obtained EXCLUSIVE details on the three final level packs for LEGO DC Super Villains!  A Young Justice level pack and two Shazam! packs will be arriving on all platforms sometime in the near future.  Based off of the pattern of previous packs, Shazam! pack 1 will most likely arrive on April 9th.  Please be aware this is an EDUCATED GUESS, and not an accurate response.  Shazam! pack 2 will likely follow a month later, and Young Justice will likely be sometime in between.  All three of these packs are 100% completed and ready to land on all platforms.  We’ll be showing off the characters for each one of the packs once a day over the next few days, and the walkthroughs will debut shortly before the DLC comes out in full.  For the first pack, we’ll be looking at DC’s YOUNG JUSTICE level pack.

Young Justice is a popular animated tv show based off the Young Justice team of heroes such as Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash.  After six years of being off air, Young Justice returned for a third season on the DC Universe subscription service under the title of Young Justice: Outsiders.  The in-game level is based off Season 2, Episode 19: The Summit, and the level itself is titled The Summit.  One thing to note before starting is that this level pack contains assets for Young Justice variants of Batgirl, Nightwing, Beast Boy, and Impulse, none of which are in the pack.  This is surprising considering the in-game renders and rigs are already there.  Please note that I have not watched Young Justice so if there are any errors below please forgive me for my lack of knowledge!

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LEGO DC Super Villains Young Justice Characters

Aqualad (YJ)


Kaldur’ahm, aka Aqualad, is the son of an Atlantean woman and the aquatic villain Black Manta.  He was trained in the mystic arts of Atlantis, the same powers that Queen Mera uses. He can generate bolts of electricity, and manipulate water into hard constructs and even weapons.  As you can see above, he has two electricity swords made out of water.  His abilities are Earth Access, Beam Deflect, Advanced Swimming, Acrobat, Electricity, Glide, Glide (Advanced), Illumination, Shield Mode, Security Access, Photo Mode, Lantern Construct, and Tracking




Artemis Crock, aka Artemis, aka Tigress, is an expert archer and acrobat.  She is the daughter of Paula Crock, aka The Huntress, and the Sportsmaster.  During her career, she retired from heroism with Wally West, but returned to the team under the name Tigress.  Her abilities as Artemis are Heat Bolts, Grapple, Explosive Bolts, Acrobat, Photo Mode, Projectile Rebound, Security Access, Sonar Bolt, Twirl Socket, Transform, and Technology.  Her abilities as Tigress are Tracking, Teleportation, Photo Mode, Acrobat, and Transform.

Kid Flash (YJ)


Kid Flash is a mantle held by two particular characters: Bart Allen and Wally West.  I believe the version in this pack is Wally West, but I could be incorrect.  The Young Justice version of Wally West has a yellow and red suit with real-time reflective goggles, compared to the dark red with blue lightning suit of the comics.  However, he still shares the same suit of abilities as the other speedsters in the game with Sonar, Security Access, Photo Mode, Acrobat, Cosmic Treadmill, Teleportation, and Wall Climbing.

Superboy (YJ)


Conner Kent/Kon-El, is a clone of Lex Luthor and Superman.  As a result, he inherits some of the powerful Kryptonian abilities of Superman such as strength, super-sensory input, and invulnerability.  However, as a partial human, he cannot fly or use heat vision.  His abilities are Detective Mode, Fire Protection, Toxic Gas Protection, Toxic Goo Protection, Smash Walls, Security Access, Photo Mode, Hyper Jump, Super Strength, and X-Ray Vision.

Miss Martian (YJ)/Miss Martian (Alien Form)



M’Gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian, is the niece of the Martian Manhunter.  She is a shapeshifter and leader of the Team, a covert group of young superheroes.  Martians true appearance can differ, and Miss Martian’s is that of a hulking, bony white creature.  However, she assumes the shape of a young teenage girl.  Miss Martian’s abilities are Detective Mode, Flight, Hyper Jump, Mind Control, Technology, Stealth, Security Access, Photo Mode, X-Ray Vision, Vent Travel, Transform, and Telekinesis.  Her true alien form’s abilities are Hyper Jump, Flight, Detective Mode, Boost Lift, Mind Control, Smash Walls, Super Strength, Telekinesis, and Transform.

Black Beetle


Black Beetle is a ruthless, cold, and violent agent of The Reach, a foreign alien race.  He has considerably intense super strength, and he wore a set of scarab armor at one point that transformed, granting him additional powers.  His abilities in-game are Beam Deflect, Boost Lift, Detective Mode, Electricity, Toxic Gas Protection, Fire Protection, Electricity Protection, Flight, Toxic Goo Protection, Hyper Jump, Photo Mode, Smash Walls, and Super Strength.

And there you go, all 8 characters in the Young Justice level pack for LEGO DC Super Villains!  Are you excited for this pack to come out?  Have you been watching Young Justice: Outsiders on DC Universe?  Let us know down in the comments!

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